Chi Idols Chihuahuas
10 brand new 
winter pups 2021
Strikingly beautiful female.
Very small, 4 lbs grown.
Perfect gait, graceful, high energy, adorably playful, superior in every aspect. Rich black & white longcoat.
Lil' Tiger

Super cute tiny 'teacup' male. Might not seem so in these photos, but he weighs just a smidge more than 1/2 lb @ eight weeks. Lively player who holds his own with bigger pups. Beautifully built with the cutest 'antics'. 2 - 2 1/2 lbs grown.




Here are the 10 new pups as they were 3 weeks ago. 

Updated pictures coming soon!

Mostly female, longcoat, & adorable. From 3 different litters. 

More info soon. If interested text me. 

Note: I should have the new photos, info, and prices up by Sunday night, the 28th. Thank you for your patience.