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Home Sweet Home
I'm still working on this page, but I wanted to give you a general idea of the grounds and environment where my Chihuahuas are raised. All my Chi's are bred and cared for in my home. But they are outside on the playgrounds a lot, not only in the warmer months but also in the winter for brief periods -- for a fun little run and invigorating fresh air.  I find that Chihuahuas are a LOT hardier than many people think. They may be small, but they're tough, and can take heat and cold like any other dog. Spring, summer, winter, fall -- long as they're romping with their buddies, they're happy campers here. 
So let's take a tour . . .
Inside my "TV Room" where my dogs are socialized and trained to the cedar box (see it?)
My mother's ladyslippers still pop up  in July
My parents built their dream home on a little hilltop in the Ozarks. My father kept the grounds immaculate.
They loved dogs and I wish they were here to see the "Chi's" 
This is one of three large 'play-yards' I built for the doggies. See the bench inside it -- I sit there to love and "commune" with them as they pile all over me.
I love to garden and you'll probably see lots more of my flower pix during this tour!
In the  'puppy yard' where the young ones play
Mommas and Poppas in the main yard
Above this yard, the puppy deck 
The Patio was built for the showdogs and ones we are keeping and hoping to train soon for the ring. This little darling became our Champion Angeleno.
I'll take better pix of the Patio this Spring
This is after a huge ice storm. You can see one of two enclosed puppy yards with a roof, for warmer weather, to keep them safe from hawks and other wild things
Hail, hail, the gang's -- NOT HERE! This is the Main Yard after a huge hail storm last summer. 
A tiny teacup
The little cream boy in the upper left went on to become my Champion Sun Ray. He earned his title while still a puppy, so you know how good he must have been! I'm looking for the right female for him . . . 
Some of my pets