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$250 and up 
= CHI IDOLS = is the internet site for our Chihuahua family.

We are Show/Hobby breeders of Chihuahuas only.

 All dogs are raised inside our home, with daily exercise in playgrounds winding through our 40 rural acres.

Here puppies enjoy their puppyhood, while their parents enjoy an active social life running, playing, and lazing around together in the sun or shade.

Our healthy, happy Chihuahuas get plenty of fresh air &  country sunshine!  
We feed Fromm's Gold Adult and Puppy (available on Amazon), a high priced but excellent food, and Nature's Variety Raw Meat Diet with organic nutritional supplements.

Our "Chi's" always get the best veterinary care.

The = CHI IDOLS = website was created to  find forever homes for the purebred AKC puppies bred from our Champion lines.  

We seek the best possible homes for these puppies, where they will be cherished every single day. 

Being raised inside the home, with plenty of inside andside exercise, is best for Chihuahuas, who require love and daily attention.

We  love each one, and take care to find the best for them. We care about what happens to each one of them after they leave here.

How to buy a puppy

1. Contact me by phone or email to discuss the puppy and terms of sale.

2. Make a Deposit in cash, wire or money order to hold the puppy in your name. 

3. Upon payment in full, delivery will be promptly arranged. 

DELIVERY OPTIONS: Air shipment, Personal Courier Service, or picking up in person. 
Puppies are up-to-date on their vaccinations and routine healthcare. 
Hello Puppy!

A. Guaranteed to be free of  infectious bacterial or virus disease
upon shipment

B. One Year Guarantee against genetic defects with the exception of leg issues which can result from injury

C. It is Buyer's responsibility to obtain a Vet Check  WITHIN 72 HOURS OF SHIPMENT; if a serious medical problem is diagnosed at that time, a refund/exchange will be given following a second veterinary opinion and return of your dog.

We cannot guarantee the adult weight, color, bite, disposition, or Show Performance of a puppy.
We will give you the best help and advice we can before and after your puppy arrives at your home.    

We DO NOT sell to brokers, puppy mills, or pet stores. 

We expect all our Chi puppies to be housed INSIDE YOUR HOME in a loving family environment.
is that they will have happy lives forever.
Contact: Annette @ 417-861-3625
Contact: Annette @ 417-861-3625
Annette Weatherman
Ozark, Missouri

We are located on 40 rural acres 
All dogs raised inside our home
Plenty of fresh air & sunshine!
Chihuahuas need exercise  both inside and outside! 
Choosing your puppy is  FUN! 
Please feel free to call anytime --
I offer lifetime support!!
Chihuahuas are people too!!! 
Our references include
Dr. Richard Linn, Owner and Chief Veteranarian,
Ozark Veterinary Clinic
Ozark, Mo. 417-581-2414