Little bundles of spotted COLOR . . .
 Red-brindled merle male, $500
"Chocolate Rose", chocolate merle female, $950
"Bertha", Blue Silver Female, $400 PET
"Silverbella", Silver Merle Female, a tiny 2 lb, TRULY a charmer in personality and cuteness. She doesn't look it -- but we call her DYNA-MITE! $1250
"Gus", Silver Fawn Male, $400 PET
HJK Kabushka Knight
Our own Babushka
Schroeder's Diablo
Our Blue Merle
Meet the Parents!
FANTASTIC personalities. . . SO GENTLE AND AFFECTIONATE! Great little dogs . . . You will love them forever! Their parents are dogs of character and loyalty . . .

Longcoat MALE

Will stay small
4 lbs grown