Christmas Puppies
Updated: December 17, 2023
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My goal is to match the right puppy to the right person or family. Chi's have so many different personalities . . . make sure you get the 
best one for you.
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I live in SW Missouri
Shipping available $350

​This gorgeous little boy is very small. 
He is a smoothcoat, black-tri-color. 
I estimate his grown weight to be 3 1/2 - 4 lbs. His coat & vibrant color sets him apart from your typical Chi.
His personality is 
warm and loving. He's outgoing, playful, 
and friendly. Highly desirable puppy. 
Looks like a little champion.



Blaze is a super happy, 
super friendly, and fun loving 
little boy. He's always on the go and will want lots of attention. 
He is a rich and dramatic black tri in color, with a spectacular white blaze up his forehead. 
He's a full & fluffy longcoat. 
He will probably be 6 lbs grown. 


He's a beauty. His 
graceful movement and vibrant color set him apart from the rest. His character and personality are well above average.
Mellow but loves to play. Likes to get quiet & cuddle. Smoothcoat, creamy white, 6 lbs grown.
Super sweet.



The third brother, Buzz, has the exact same gorgeous creamy white coloring. A spray of light fawn is developing over their backs, but looks like it will not get very dark. . He's a smoothcoat and will be 5 lbs grown. A joy to watch because he's so bold and playful. He's a loving pup, too. Just wonderful, one of my best.
Plus, he's a smiler!


Pop Art and Louie L/Amour litter
Pop Art and Louie L'Amour litter
Minx + CH Indy litter

Leah is a unique beauty with 
graceful movement. She's going to want an active lifestyle! Dramatic 'Tuxedo' markings set her apart from the rest, and her personality is just as vibrant.
Mellow and loves her toys. Likes to get quiet & cuddle. Smoothcoat, 
3 1/2 - 4 lbs grown.
Super sweet.

CALL for more info

Puppies from my best Championship lines are 
looking for new homes this Christmas. Healthy, Happy, and unique.

Additional pictures/video upon request.

Christmas Special! Now 20% off on all remaining puppies!
Chocolates, creamy whites, and black tri's


Bibi is a dark dark chocolate beauty with an exuberant personality. She's going to follow you everywhere and cherish your every minute together.
Like her brother, she's super friendly and fun loving. You would think she's black from these pictures but she's actually the darkest of chocolates.

She's a soft and fluffy longcoat. 
Will be 5-6 lbs grown. 

Chi Idols Minx + CH Indy litter
Bon Bon

This beautifully marked little boy is quite small. He'll be no bigger than 3 1/2 lbs. His personality is lively and he will want lots of playtime.

He's friendly and will be your best bud. Smoothcoat light chocolate with artistic white markings.


Chocolate Candee and CH Indy
Lil' Bitty Betty

This TINY little girl is a chocolate sweetheart. She'll be around 3 lbs grown. Her temperament is mellow but she loves to play as well as cuddle. 

She's friendly and will be your devoted girlfriend. Smoothcoat milk chocolate color with white trimmings.


Choc Tart

This longcoat girl is small, maybe 
4 1/2 lbs grown. Despite being sweet & mellow, she's an active player and everything's just fine with her. She's ready to be someone's closest friend.

She's a Hershey's Chocolate color with 
pretty white markings including a puff of white on top of her neck, white bib
 and 4 white feet.



Bodhi is soooo cute and is quite small, at the most 4 lbs grown. This is a quiet, mellow pup who is soft and gentle.
 He's a little teddy bear.

A true Chocolate Tricolor with 
rich markings of tan and white.
He has the sweetest little face!


Pop Art and Louie L'Amour litter
Lil' Betty on her first night home
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Buff, Buzz and Bon Bon
Chocolate Candee and CH Indy
Chocolate Candee and CH Indy