Updated: March 20, 2018
Bill C. of Fayetteville AR had a hard time choosing between playful Ginny and lovey-dovey Tessie. He finally chose Ginny!
Other Chi Idols puppies previousy  sold
A wonderful St. Louis family got little Razzberry!

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Two chocolate brindles from my Champion Davishall Tiger Country

Meet the parents!
White Lightning

     Small longcoat female 

Beautiful face, eyebrows, structure. Big applehead, exotic markings.

Only 7 weeks here, not ready to go yet but soon. Looks like she will be 5 lbs grown.


Samantha, Tynlee, (and dad Travis) picking up Honeyboy (now Chip) at the Seattle airport. "He started licking us right away and when we got home he ran around in circles, he was so happy!" I'd say that was a good match, wouldn't you?

     Small longcoat male 

Gorgeous white with chocolate markings. Great big applehead and brindle in the chocolate.

8 weeks here, and ready to go. He's staying really small. Looks like he will be 4 lbs grown.



     Small longcoat male 

Cooper will have a beautiful coat with splashy chocolate markings. Big applehead and brindle in the chocolate.

 Looks like he will be 4-5 lbs grown. What a doll he turned out to be!


It turns out Lil Dunkin LOVES kids! He had never seen kids before, but when his new owners came to pick hm up, Dunkin was all over them with love. We made a video, now trying to get it on here. Happy, happy kids too!